Stainless steel is well known for its intrinsic corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to a passive film of chromium-rich oxide (caused by a reaction between the chromium in the stainless steel with the oxygen in the air). If the surface is not regularly cleaned, surface deposits will prevent the passivation process. Therefore to retain the highest corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal it is necessary to keep the surface of stainless steel clean .


Stainless steel is easy to clean, and should be cleaned on a regular basis to attain the best corrosion resistance. This can be done by wiping surfaces with a warm clean cloth using either a mild detergent or soap, and then rinsing with warm clean water and drying with a towel.

When there are more stubborn spots or stains a mild non-scratching cream or polish can be used, these must be compatible with stainless steel. These can be applied with a soft cloth or soft sponge and cleaned off with clean warm water then dried with a towel.

Carbon steel brushes or carbon steel wire wool should not be used on stainless steel as they leave deposits which will rust on the surface.

It is recommended that stainless steel is cleaned at least once a month. In areas where the products are used more frequently or exposed to more extreme atmospheric conditions the cleaning routine should be increased to at least once a week. If the stainless steel begins to discolour, either the cleaning regime is inadequate or in the case of swimming pool areas the environment could have deteriorated.

All grades of stainless steel should be cleaned with chlorine free products .

Weight / Pc = Average Wt for 1000 Pieces / 1000.

** Weight / Pc may vary +/- 3% due to variation in material thickness +/- 3%


We recommend stainless steel screws to be used for stainless steel fittings in order to prevent the galvanic corrosion of screws and thus deteriorating the finish of the fitting. We have mentioned the suitable screws to be used for all our products. There are various options for stainless steel screws in CSK and PAN head (both SLOTTED head & PHILLIPS head) available in the market.

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